Domestic violence in New Jersey is about power and control. It has no socio-economic boundaries. It affects all income levels, all races, all religions, and sexual orientations. Power and control come in many forms. Are you prevented from working outside the home? Do you have access to your family’s or your own finances? Are you being threatened or physically harmed in any way? We can help you through the legal system of restraining orders. There is only one bite of the apple to get a final restraining order; do not go into a restraining trial hearing without an attorney who has a great deal of experience with domestic violence in New Jersey. We can help you.

Just as upsetting as being a victim of domestic violence is being accused of committing an act of domestic violence that did not happen! Because it is relatively easy for someone to get a temporary restraining order, you must be prepared at a final hearing. Having a final restraining order against you has far-reaching consequences that can affect your employment, your livelihood, your home, and your ability to see your children. Do not go into a hearing or trial without an attorney who knows New Jersey domestic violence laws backwards and forwards. We can help you.

Whether you are in need of the protections offered by the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act or have been unfairly accused of conduct that allowed your ex-spouse to obtain a temporary restraining order, contact us as soon as possible so we can start working on your case.