Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • What Is Divorce Mediation and How Does It Work?
  • Can You Mediate a High-Net-Worth Divorce? What Are the Advantages?
  • If a Divorcing Couple Can't Even Be in the Same Room, Can They Still Mediate Their Divorce?
  • Can You Mediate a Case Where There Are Major Power or Knowledge Imbalances?
  • Does Every Divorce-Related Issue Have to Be Resolved During Mediation?
  • Is There a Difference Between Court-Ordered Mediation and Private Mediation?
  • How Does the Role of the Attorney Differ Between Litigation and Collaborative Law?

Divorce & Retirement Accounts

  • What's the Difference Between a Defined Benefit, and a Defined Contribution Pension Plan?
  • How Does Collaborative Law Differ from Divorce Mediation?
  • In Collaborative Law, Do the Attorneys Function as Coaches Helping the Two Divorcing Spouses?
  • What Makes a Couple an Ideal for Mediation Versus Collaborative Law?

Alimony, Child Support, Child Custody

  • How Does a Divorcing Couple Decide Where Their Children Live?
  • If the Children Are Going to Split Their Time Between Two Homes, Is It Always 50/50?
  • If a Parent Removes the Children from the State Without Consent, What Can That Other Parent Do?
  • If a Partner Moves in with a Custodial Parent, Will the Other Parent Pay Spousal or Child -Support?
  • Is There a Difference Between Physical Custody and Legal Custody of Children in New Jersey?
  • How Does a Judge Determine If Someone Qualifies to Receive Alimony or Spousal Support in New Jersey?

Business Interests

  • If Both Spouses Co-Own a Business Together, How Will It Be Divided on Divorce?
  • In a Divorce Case That Involves a Business, How Is Support Determined?
  • If One or Both Spouses Own a Business, Is It Always Necessary to Hire a Business Evaluator?
  • Are Stock Options Considered Assets to Be Divided During Divorce?

Premarital Agreements

  • What Should Be Included in a Prenuptial Agreement for a Business Owner?
  • If Someone Signed a Prenuptial Agreement, Is There Any Way of Getting It Set Aside During Divorce?
  • If a Person Is Getting Married and They Don't Have Any Assets, Do They Need a Prenuptial Agreement?
  • How Does a Party with Fewer Assets Protect Themselves in a Prenuptial Agreement?